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For Small Business Owners

Many retailers see value in increasing the number of products they offer for sale. Having an overturn of items for sale keeps the business interesting and fresh. New products are what keeps customers coming back and these items prevents your business from becoming boring.

Bob is offering businesses a chance to add My 3rd Leg canes to their inventory without investing a lot of money.

If you are interested in this offer, contact Bob at 315 796-2263 or email him at

Advertise your Business, Product or Event on a My Third Leg Cane

My Third Leg is not just a cane. It is also a way to advertise or promote a product, event or something new or special. Text can be applied to the femur of the cane. The unique design of the cane will attract attention. People will then notice your text or logo on the femur of the cane. Besides providing a way to get recognition, the cane could be used as a convention gift or a parting gift presented to every patient who leaves your office needing a cane. Maybe you want to have a cane to display in your office or some to loan out to patients. With your logo inscribed on the cane your facility would soon become a topic of conversation. Want a retirement gift for a colleague who is difficult to by for? Ideas are endless and are only limited by your imagination. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you are interested in this offer, contact Bob at 315 796-2263 or email him at

An offer for Health Care Providers

My name is Bob. I am the owner of a small start up company that sells canes shaped like a human leg bone. They are high quality medical canes. The unique design makes people smile and they are a great alternative to the typical “old man” canes.

A My Third Leg cane is a unique product that, if seen, practically sells itself. Bob believes the key to this is introducing it to people. Unless they know the cane is available it remains a well kept secret. Physical Therapists and others who are in a position to recommend a cane could become an agent in making these unique canes available. Providing canes would be a service to your clients since these canes are not available in stores.

In addition to providing this service, it could be a way to earn extra money. In order to expend his business and to make this cane available to cane users, Bob is offering any business person a cane at the wholesale price of $39.95.  All Bob asks is that you is either display this cane in your facility along with some of Bob’s business cards or use the cane in public and tell your clients how to obtain one.

For every customer you send to purchase a cane from Bob, he will pay you a 10% commission. Collecting appropriate sales tax and shipping of the cane to your client will be Bob’s responsibility. If nothing else you get a great cane to keep for less than $40.00.

If you are interested or have a question, contact Bob at 315 796-2263 or send him an email at

Wholesale Prices Available