My Third Leg Canes

The unique design sets a My Third Leg cane apart from other canes available. The handle is designed for comfort and ease of use. Unlike other canes, this cane is fun to use and will attract a lot of attention. A My 3rd Leg cane will provide most users with many years of comfort, strength, durability, and service. In addition to a great cane you are also getting Bob’s guarantee of 100% satisfaction.

Ergonomic Design

The handle is conical and cylindrical shaped to accommodate the pressure exerted by each finger creating a more comfortable cane.

19° Angle Handle

The handle of My Third Leg’s canes are designed at the recommended 19 degree angle, to help circulation and increase a person’s grip strength.


My Third Leg canes are made from polycarbonate. This material is an extremely strong, tough impact resistant plastic that will support the heaviest of users. Although the material is expensive, it makes the cane what it is, high quality.

Bone White Canes

For $60.00 a “Raw or “Unfinished” cane can now be purchased. This not only save you quite a bit of money, but it also allows the consumer to be creative and to make a cane that he/she has their own time, effort, and talents invested into it. To make it a cane as described below, takes about twenty minutes to sand and a half hour to spray with clear.

A consumer can purchase a finished bone white cane that is sanded and finished using a spray on acrylic clear coat

Order My Third Leg Cane

Custom Orders

To make your cane match your unique personality, we offer medallions, text stencils and many colorful dipped patterns. Bob now offers inexpensive pewter medallions depicting military emblems, fish and game symbols, etc. Give Bob a call and talk to him about new products.

Hand carved wooden canes are also available as collector’s canes. These pieces of art are 36” in length and  come numbered and with a personalized certificate of authenticity. These canes are crafted from selected pieces of wood and appear to be flawless, however Bob can not guarantee what the interior structure of the wood is. These canes are sold as show pieces and should only be used as a walking aid if you are willing to take the risk. My 3rd Leg will not be liable for any injuries caused by improper use.