Hand Painted My Third Leg Canes

A lot of Bob’s customers have taken advantage of his personalized hand painted canes. Unfortunately his painters are no longer able to paint for Bob. The painted canes you see on this website are samples of what have been painted in the past. Each of these canes has been sold to the customers. If you are interested in having someone paint a cane for you, feel free to contact Bob. One suggestion Bob has, is to order a bone white cane and once it has been delivered to you, look for a local painter who is willing to paint for you. There are many art groups who might be able to give you a lead. Sometimes artists advertise on Craigslist and would be willing to help. Often college students appreciate picking up a little extra money and might even enjoy the challenge of painting on a cane.

Bob is actively seeking painters who have the ability and time to paint canes for him. Until he finds a painter who has the ability and time to paint for him, this service is not available.