Great Christmas Gift – Order Your Cane Today

Are you are looking for a special gift for someone, but can’t think of what to buy?  Maybe a My 3rd Leg cane is your answer.  Whether it be a temporary  injury, an illness, or old age, most people will need assistance walking at some point in their life. Why not purchase one that is a unique conversation piece. Often people who refuse to use a cane will carry a My 3rd Leg cane. A My 3rd Leg cane will not only be fun to use, it will last a life time.

As the holidays approach, the giant Asian factories are kicking into high gear to flood Americans with cheaply made  inferior goods This merchandise has been produced at the expense of American labor. and our country as a whole. and we allow this to happen without thought.

Let’s make this the year we begin giving the gift of genuine concern for other Americans. There is no longer the excuse that,  nothing can be found that is produced by Americans hands. Bob, the owner of the company is proud to say he is a Vietnam veteran and My 3rd Leg canes are made in the USA, by Americans. He and his wife invested everything they own to start his small business. His canes are made in America, using American materials and by United States Citizens.

Bob hopes you agree that Christmas isn’t about draining American pockets so that China can build another glittering city. Christmas is about expressing love for each other, spending time with friends and family and caring for those who are less fortunate.  American small business men like Bob, work very hard to stay in business and they encourage all Americans help them follow their dreams. When we care about other Americans, we care about our communities, and our nations future, and the benefits come back to us in ways we couldn’t imagine.

If you would like a MY 3rd Leg cane before Christmas, call  315 796-2263. Bob will personally take your call and answer any of your questions.

Happy Holidays and may God bless each of you….Bob


What To Look For In A cane

Prior to designing my cane Bob researched “good cane design”. One article stood out as being excellent and he incorporated as many suggestions into his leg bone cane as possible. Following is an excerpt  from this article written by Dr. Melanie Diez.

Canes Analysis and Recommendations for Improvement

An informal survey of the canes in today’s market shows they lack the most basic principles of ergonomic design. Little research could be found supporting the designs behind the canes; indeed, most canes launch a practical assault on the hand and wrist. While there are several aspects to the design of a cane (handle, shaft, base, tip), this study will concentrate on the handle designs. First, I will present a brief overview of the commonly accepted ergonomic design principles involved in handle design, followed by several examples of common cane handles.
Fraser (1980) states that the handle of a tool should conform to the natural holding position (neutral position) of the hand. In short, this means that the handle should maintain a straight wrist with minimal flexion, extension, or deviation. This can be done by incorporating an angle of 19 E” 5 E into the handle, as suggested by Emmanuel, Mills, and Bennett (1980). By reducing the angle through which the wrist itself must bend, injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome can be minimized. Furthermore, grip strength has been shown to be maximized when the wrist is in neutral position (Terrell & Purswell, 1976). The shape of a handle should be generally cylindrical, or shaped like a truncated cone to accommodate the different degrees of flexion exhibited by each finger. Pressure from the device must not be concentrated in a small area, or along pressure-sensitive areas of the palm and fingers. Sanders and McCormick (1993) suggest a large contact surface to reduce tissue and/or nerve compression. Repetitive finger action as well as vibration exposure should also be minimized.

The article in its entirety can be found at

A My 3rd Leg cane was designed with the user’s best interest in mind. The cane is strong, comfortable, and made with care for each of Bob’s customers. The unique leg bone design that attracts so much attention is a secondary benefit.

What is Hydro-Dipping or Water Transfer Printing?

Many customers ask me how the beautiful and colorful images and patterns are added to my canes. The company I use is Tarjac Inc. out of Waterloo, New York. The process you will see in the video includes the following steps:

To begin you will need a tank full of ordinary water. A film with the desired pattern is floated on the water. You must wait 60 seconds for the bubbles to escape and the pattern to flatten. An activator is sprayed onto the pattern to dissolves the base, leaving just the ink. Prior to this process, the cane has been cleaned, primed, and in some cases painted a base color.  The cane is carefully dipped through the pattern and into the water . The pattern/ink adheres to the cane. Once the cane is below the floating pattern, excess ink is brushed to the side of the tank. Next the colorful cane can be lifted out of the bath. The cane must be dried before it is sprayed with several coats of automotive clear-coat to protect the pattern.

I offer over 200 patterns that can be seen on the Tarjac website ( ). The clear coat costs $400.00 per gallon and is the same finish applied to cars and trucks to protect them from chipping. Customers can choose a gloss, semi-gloss or a flat finish. To save money anyone can order a bone white cane and send it to Tarjac to be dipped when you have the money and at you convenience. Many businesses offer the process, so you may be able to find someone in your area. Call me if you have any questions. I have personal favorites. Copy and paste into your browser

What Length Cane Do I need?

Before purchasing a cane you should know what length cane you need. There are several methods Bob suggests to determine this. Proper cane length is about one half the cane user’s height, in inches, and wearing shoes. Although this is a good “rule of thumb”,  it is sometimes difficult to measure someone who can not stand straight. A second method is to stand in a normal upright position with your shoes on, and your hands and arms hanging to your sides. The top of the cane should reach the crease on the under side of your wrist. If the cane is the correct length, your elbow will be bent at approximately 15 to 20 degrees as you hold the cane.

Proper length is important because a cane that is too short will cause you to bend over in order to reach out as you walk. If your cane is too long, you’ll need to lean toward your injured side in order to use it. If you can’t get on top of your cane, your weight will be transferred to your elbow and shoulder instead of onto the cane.  A properly fitted cane will keep you upright while providing support.

A My 3rd Leg cane does have a very slight adjustment capability. Any cane that is too long or short can also be returned and exchanged for one of the desired length, but it is best to determine the proper length cane before ordering.

Call Bob at 315 796-2263 and he will personally assist you.

Feedback Would Be Appreciated

Although this page was designed for feedback from my customers, it was very seldom used by anyone.  I am not disappointed and I believe I understand the reason behind this.

When I decided to go into business I was determined to get to know each of my customers on a personal basis. Customer service and customer satisfaction was going to be my number one goal. Fortunately I have been able to achieve this goal and I am happy to say I do have a great relationship with my customers. Communication is so good through the use of email and phone that this page was and is not necessary.

I do enjoy hearing personal stories and testimonies of customer’s experiences as they use the cane and having them in writing is helpful because I can cut and paste them for other perspective customers to read.  These have been so useful that I have decided to leave this page as just another way you and I can communicate our thoughts.

Right now I am thinking of how much I appreciate each of you for choosing to buy a My 3rd Leg cane. Maintaining a business is a lot of hard work and making the business grow is an extremely difficult task. My business is growing and the number one reason is because of you. Thank you for showing my cane to others. Thank you for encouraging them to visit my web page, and thank you for promoting my cane on sites like Facebook. Liking my cane and promoting it, makes all the difference to me. Please know that I don’t take your loyalty lightly or take you for granted, for without you my customer, my business would not be where it is today.

Many thanks!…Bob


Hand carved wooden canes

Nothing can match the natural beauty and warmth of wood and My 3rd Leg canes are no exception. My decision to sell these canes as “collector’s canes” only was a difficult decision for me. Following is the reason:

Before the polycarbonate canes, I sold hand carved wooden canes. I sent three canes to Pennsylvania State Testing Laboratory to have them certify that the canes held a minimum of 300 pounds of weight bearing pressure. They passed and exceeded the test and I was selling them with confidence. Then, one day I was taking the rubber tip off one of the canes so I could give it a third coat of clear finish. When I twisted the rubber tip, I was shocked to see the cane snap in two. Although no defect could be seen on the exterior of the wood, the inside was black and did not have any wood structure at all. To reduce my liability, I now sell them as collector’s canes, not to be used as a cane but rather displayed.

For those who want the look of wood, I do have a few patterns of wood that can be applied to the polycarbonate canes through the dipping process. If you are interested call me at 315 796-2263 and I will assist you

My Third Leg on WNYF

Watch our story on the 7 News / Fox 28!

See the article on

IPTS Showcases My Third Leg Canes

Check out the following article about My Third Leg featured in IPTS’s May 2013 Newsletter:

Bob Parow, owner and crafter of My Third Leg Incorporated, currently has several of his My Third Leg canes on display at the offices of Innovative Physical Therapy Solutions (IPTS), 316 Sherman St, Watertown. IPTS patients have the opportunity to see and feel the amazing craftsmanship of these genuine one of a kind canes.

Bob Parow, who resides in Central New York, was advised to start using a cane when he encountered back problems that were caused by his hips. To Bob, a cane is often seen as a symbol of old age and thought of himself as being too young to need one. He wanted to find a unique and fun cane that would “take the attention away from him and onto the cane”. Without much luck, Bob decided to design his own.

Bob Parow’s My Third Leg canes are designed after the human leg bone. The cane is fun and whimsical and attracts attention where ever it goes. For someone needing a cane to assist with walking, his My Third Leg canes are a unique and fun option. Bob can carve a custom wood My Third Leg cane, or they can be made in a strong and durable polycarbonate material. Each can also be custom detailed with text and graphics, as well as accessorised with a shoe that comes in an assortment of colors.

IPTS is very pleased to offer a showcase of My Third Leg canes. The staff strongly urges patients to come in and check them out in person. For more information on these unique canes, visit the My Third Leg website: or stop into the offices of IPTS today!

How Smart is Your Right Foot?

You have to try this please, it takes 2 seconds. I could not believe this! It is from an orthopaedic surgeon…………. This will confuse your mind and you will keep trying over and over again to see if you can outsmart your foot, but, you can’t. It is pre-programmed in your brain!

1. While sitting at your desk in front of your computer, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number ‘6’ in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction.

I told you so! And there’s nothing you can do about it! You and I both know how stupid it is, but before the day is done you are going to try it again, if you’ve not already done so.