A Step in the Right Direction

Welcome, my name is Bob, the owner of My Third Leg canes. My hope is to educate you as to why you should purchase one of my canes. My Third Leg canes have a lot to offer. I will do my best to answer all of your questions and if you purchase a cane, I guarantee to provide you with outstanding customer service. My Third Leg canes are made in the United States of America, they are of excellent quality and will bring you a lifetime of use. Just by visiting this site, you are taking a step in the right direction.

Made In USA

The unique and smart design of My Third Leg Canes makes people smile and even laugh as they comment about the unique leg bone design. Attention is immediately drawn to the cane and away from any disability. In addition to being a cane that is fun to carry; My Third Leg offers many important features that other canes do not. People often ask what makes a My Third Leg cane special.

Ergonomic Design

The handle of a My Third Leg Cane is shaped like a cone or tapered cylinder to allow a person’s palm and fingers to carry equal pressure. When a force is concentrated along pressure sensitive areas of the palm, blood flow is restricted. The straight handles found on most canes today actually cut blood flow due to pressure being concentrated in a small area and in a straight line across a person’s palm. This not only causes fatigue but may be a cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. Having a conical shaped handle with a larger surface area spreads the pressure out over a larger surface area.

19° Degree Angle

The 19 degree angle of the handle helps to increase blood flow. This angle allows a person’s wrist to remain as straight as possible and in a neutral position. A straight wrist allows for better blood flow enabling a person to use the cane for longer periods of time without becoming tired. Grip strength is also increased by having the wrist in this neutral position.


My Third Leg Canes are often the cane of choice for people who need a cane but refuse to use one because they believe they are either too young or they are showing weakness by using one. Family members often purchased a Third Leg cane as a gift for someone who refuses to use a cane hoping it will help them overcome their reluctance. It can truly change a person’s life. If you read what customers have to say in the testimonials section, you will see that many people who refuse to use a cane actually enjoy a My Third Leg cane. The person’s disability becomes secondary and the cane becomes the focus of attention. My Third Leg Canes are not only a conversation piece; they are lightweight, comfortable, exceptionally strong, and fun. It’s not just another cane, it is a conversation piece.

How do you choose the right cane for you?

Many cane designers make their cane pleasing to a consumer’s eye but do not pay much attention to function. Eye appeal is important and should be considered but comfort, strength, weight and cost shouldn’t be overlooked when selecting a cane. When I designed my cane I paid a lot of attention to the handle. A quality cane should provide support and assist with balance while reducing fatigue. Some canes do a better job of this than others. Many cane handles are almost an assault on a person’s wrists, hands and joints.

If you have a question or would like to talk to Bob personally, contact him at 315-796-2263.