A Step in the Right Direction

Welcome to each new customer and to those of you who are simply shopping and trying to educate yourself on what canes are on the market today.

People often ask what makes this cane special. What does your cane provide that others don’t? Like any good cane, My Third Leg Canes provide support, help with balance and reduces fatigue and pressure on wrists, hands and joints. The unique and smart design of My Third Leg Canes makes people smile, laugh, and they will often comment about the unique leg bone design. Attention is immediately drawn to the cane and away from any disability. Besides being a cane that is fun to carry, it offers many other important features that other canes do not.

Ergonomic Design

The angle of the handle helps to reduce stress on the hand. Bob learned that having a cane that will allow a person’s wrist to remain in a neutral position blood will flow more readily and people will not get fatigued as easily. By incorporating a slight angle into the handle a person’s wrist will remain much straighter. A straight wrist allows for better blood flow that will enable a person to use the cane for longer periods of time without becoming tired. Grip strength is also be increased by having the wrist in this neutral position.

The handle of a My Third Leg Cane is shaped like a cone or tapered cylinder to accommodate the different degree of flexion of each finger. Pressure from the cane should be evenly distributed on as much of the hand and fingers as possible. When a force is concentrated along pressure sensitive areas of the palm, blood flow is restricted. Having a conical shaped handle with a larger surface area that is elevated at a 19 degree angle may reduce the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome as well as fatigue. The straight handles found on most canes today actually cut blood flow due to pressure being concentrated in a small area of the palm.


My Third Leg Canes are often the cane of choice for people who need a cane but want something out of the ordinary. They are especially popular with people who need a cane but hesitates to use one because of the stigma of old age and weakness often associated with an ordinary cane. Many customers purchased Bob’s cane as a gift for a family member who refuses to use a cane. They often write to tell what a positive impact the cane has had on the person’s life. Read our testimonials.

My Third Leg Canes are not only a conversation piece; they are lightweight, comfortable, exceptionally strong, and available in many lengths. They can be ordered in the most popular bone white or one of many colorful dipped patterns such as flowers, skulls, flames, ACU, Mossy Oak & more. Bob’s painter will gladly provide hand painted art of your choice on any cane. Bob has many canes in stock. If you have a question or would like to talk to Bob personally, contact him at 315-796-2263. He would enjoy talking to you.