Personalize Your Cane

Bob knows that his customers want a cane that fits there personality and their ability to pay. He is always looking for new options to offer people so that everyone who wants a cane can find a My Third Leg that pleases them.  The following options can be added to any cane for an additional cost.


Bob is excited to be able to offer pewter and brass medallions that fastened to the cane just below the handle. This is an inexpensive way to personalize any cane and to put a great looking accent on an otherwise plain cane. View all our medallion designs.

{Additional $25.00}

Text Stencil

Nothing personalizes a cane more than having one’s name or business stenciled on the femur. This is often done when a person wants to use a cane as a name plate to hang on a wall or to place on a desk or table.  Names of teams, schools, or sayings such as “Irish to The Bone” “Congratulations”, Happy Retirement”, “Well Done”, “Break a Leg”, etc. have been done. Sometimes groups of people sign these canes and present them as group gifts.

{Additional $20.00}


Many people ask about the small croc/shoes that slip onto the rubber tip found at the bottom of every cane. Most customers agree that this additional item is well worth the money.  It can be removed as easily as taking your own shoe off. Bob strongly urges you to purchase this item that costs only $3.00 but adds so much to the fun of using this cane.

{Additional $4.00}

Automotive Clear Coat

To protect the canes from scuff marks and dirt they are sprayed with multiple coats of clear acrylic. This finish offers a good protection but is an inferior finish to the automotive clear coat. This protective finish is sprayed as the topcoat on automobiles finishes to provide optimum protection. It can be sprayed on any cane to give it a very high gloss finish to enhance the look of any cane, in addition to provide maximum protection. An automotive clear coat is included in the price of the dipped and hand painted canes.

{Additional $30.00}

Two Piece 

Many people have asked if it is possible to order a cane that is shorter than 34” or a cane that can be broken down into two pieces making it possible to fit into a suitcase or saddle bag.  He is in the process of perfecting this option and has the hardware.  (He will sell it to you for $15.00) If you are interested in this process, please call Bob at 315 796-2263.

{Additional $30.00 installed}

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