Feedback Would Be Appreciated

Although this page was designed for feedback from my customers, it was very seldom used by anyone.  I am not disappointed and I believe I understand the reason behind this.

When I decided to go into business I was determined to get to know each of my customers on a personal basis. Customer service and customer satisfaction was going to be my number one goal. Fortunately I have been able to achieve this goal and I am happy to say I do have a great relationship with my customers. Communication is so good through the use of email and phone that this page was and is not necessary.

I do enjoy hearing personal stories and testimonies of customer’s experiences as they use the cane and having them in writing is helpful because I can cut and paste them for other perspective customers to read.  These have been so useful that I have decided to leave this page as just another way you and I can communicate our thoughts.

Right now I am thinking of how much I appreciate each of you for choosing to buy a My 3rd Leg cane. Maintaining a business is a lot of hard work and making the business grow is an extremely difficult task. My business is growing and the number one reason is because of you. Thank you for showing my cane to others. Thank you for encouraging them to visit my web page, and thank you for promoting my cane on sites like Facebook. Liking my cane and promoting it, makes all the difference to me. Please know that I don’t take your loyalty lightly or take you for granted, for without you my customer, my business would not be where it is today.

Many thanks!…Bob