IPTS Showcases My Third Leg Canes

Check out the following article about My Third Leg featured in IPTS’s May 2013 Newsletter:

Bob Parow, owner and crafter of My Third Leg Incorporated, currently has several of his My Third Leg canes on display at the offices of Innovative Physical Therapy Solutions (IPTS), 316 Sherman St, Watertown. IPTS patients have the opportunity to see and feel the amazing craftsmanship of these genuine one of a kind canes.

Bob Parow, who resides in Central New York, was advised to start using a cane when he encountered back problems that were caused by his hips. To Bob, a cane is often seen as a symbol of old age and thought of himself as being too young to need one. He wanted to find a unique and fun cane that would “take the attention away from him and onto the cane”. Without much luck, Bob decided to design his own.

Bob Parow’s My Third Leg canes are designed after the human leg bone. The cane is fun and whimsical and attracts attention where ever it goes. For someone needing a cane to assist with walking, his My Third Leg canes are a unique and fun option. Bob can carve a custom wood My Third Leg cane, or they can be made in a strong and durable polycarbonate material. Each can also be custom detailed with text and graphics, as well as accessorised with a shoe that comes in an assortment of colors.

IPTS is very pleased to offer a showcase of My Third Leg canes. The staff strongly urges patients to come in and check them out in person. For more information on these unique canes, visit the My Third Leg website: www.my3rdleg.com or stop into the offices of IPTS today!