Hand carved wooden canes

Nothing can match the natural beauty and warmth of wood and My 3rd Leg canes are no exception. My decision to sell these canes as “collector’s canes” only was a difficult decision for me. Following is the reason:

Before the polycarbonate canes, I sold hand carved wooden canes. I sent three canes to Pennsylvania State Testing Laboratory to have them certify that the canes held a minimum of 300 pounds of weight bearing pressure. They passed and exceeded the test and I was selling them with confidence. Then, one day I was taking the rubber tip off one of the canes so I could give it a third coat of clear finish. When I twisted the rubber tip, I was shocked to see the cane snap in two. Although no defect could be seen on the exterior of the wood, the inside was black and did not have any wood structure at all. To reduce my liability, I now sell them as collector’s canes, not to be used as a cane but rather displayed.

For those who want the look of wood, I do have a few patterns of wood that can be applied to the polycarbonate canes through the dipping process. If you are interested call me at 315 796-2263 and I will assist you