What is Hydro-Dipping or Water Transfer Printing?

Many customers ask me how the beautiful and colorful images and patterns are added to my canes. The company I use is Tarjac Inc. out of Waterloo, New York. The process you will see in the video includes the following steps:

To begin you will need a tank full of ordinary water. A film with the desired pattern is floated on the water. You must wait 60 seconds for the bubbles to escape and the pattern to flatten. An activator is sprayed onto the pattern to dissolves the base, leaving just the ink. Prior to this process, the cane has been cleaned, primed, and in some cases painted a base color.  The cane is carefully dipped through the pattern and into the water . The pattern/ink adheres to the cane. Once the cane is below the floating pattern, excess ink is brushed to the side of the tank. Next the colorful cane can be lifted out of the bath. The cane must be dried before it is sprayed with several coats of automotive clear-coat to protect the pattern.

I offer over 200 patterns that can be seen on the Tarjac website ( Tarjac.com ). The clear coat costs $400.00 per gallon and is the same finish applied to cars and trucks to protect them from chipping. Customers can choose a gloss, semi-gloss or a flat finish. To save money anyone can order a bone white cane and send it to Tarjac to be dipped when you have the money and at you convenience. Many businesses offer the process, so you may be able to find someone in your area. Call me if you have any questions. I have personal favorites.

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