What Length Cane Do I need?

Before purchasing a cane you should know what length cane you need. There are several methods Bob suggests to determine this. Proper cane length is about one half the cane user’s height, in inches, and wearing shoes. Although this is a good “rule of thumb”,  it is sometimes difficult to measure someone who can not stand straight. A second method is to stand in a normal upright position with your shoes on, and your hands and arms hanging to your sides. The top of the cane should reach the crease on the under side of your wrist. If the cane is the correct length, your elbow will be bent at approximately 15 to 20 degrees as you hold the cane.

Proper length is important because a cane that is too short will cause you to bend over in order to reach out as you walk. If your cane is too long, you’ll need to lean toward your injured side in order to use it. If you can’t get on top of your cane, your weight will be transferred to your elbow and shoulder instead of onto the cane.  A properly fitted cane will keep you upright while providing support.

A My 3rd Leg cane does have a very slight adjustment capability. Any cane that is too long or short can also be returned and exchanged for one of the desired length, but it is best to determine the proper length cane before ordering.

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