Hand Carved Wooden Canes

The hand carved canes are collector’s canes only. They are available in a 36″ length and are for display. Although they are quality canes and are strong, the strength cannot be guaranteed due to possible inner flaws. Each cane comes numbered and with a signed “Certificate of Authenticity”. To order a My Third Leg Cane please contact Bob by phone at 315-796-2263 or fill out the online order form.

A hand carved My Third Leg cane would be a great addition to anyone’s collection because there are fewer than two hundred of these canes in circulation, worldwide. They will no doubt increase in value over time and will make a great investment. Bob personally selects each piece of wood based on a pleasing grain pattern and a flawless exterior appearance. These canes can be handled and displayed but he does not advise anyone to use one as a walking aid. If a hand carved My Third Leg cane is used as a walking aid, it is not guaranteed and it is used at your own risk.


Wooden canes are sold with a bone white finish or natural wood with a clear coat of gloss protective finish. Several coats of clear satin or gloss polyurethane brings out the beautiful wood grain and protects the cane from dirt, scuff marks, and scratches, but for maximum protection and a far superior gloss finish, an automotive clear coat can be applied for an additional twenty dollars. This additional charge is well worth the benefits. Call 315 796-2263 for prices or contact bob@my3rdleg.com.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each cane is numbered and comes with a certificate signed by Bob ( the artist). My Third Leg canes should last for a long time and be handed down from generation to generation. The numbered certificate validates the cane as a genuine My Third Leg cane. Add $25.00 for this certificate.

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